Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna Bite In San Diego!


Is it possible to say TUNA & YELLOWTAIL? That's what happening just offshore right now!!! We've got Big Bluefin's right inside our yard and down the Baja Seacoast. Also, the yellowtail bite at the Hawaiian Islands and down the seacoast is certainly going full speed.

The Bluefin's are being found underwater and wild birds markings. It's amazing when you enter the right area the ocean erupts with big scorching Bluefin from 50 to 100 lbs. Around the yellowtail there are a number of ways to capture them and we help you catch the big ones. We have been getting and catching them on bait, surface flat iron and sluggish trolling. We've great weather with good smooth quiet seas now. It's like summer in north park here and we've Tuna's in April. All I could say is its time for you to book a vacation either now or at least can get on the catalogs because its heading to get chock-full. You can visit our website "Coletta sport fishing" to get more details about the packages and enjoy san diego fishing. We have a dedicated and well versed team who will guide you through....