Top 10 Secret Tips For a Visitor While Fishing On Sea


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1. Do research before going for fishing

You need to have some idea about fishing before going for it. You can search on the internet about basics of fishing and read books about fishing. There are many interesting books about fishing.

2. Know the basic procedures

After getting some information about fishing, you might go for knowing how to add fishing bait to hooks, cast your line and tying knots etc.

3. Use the right equipment

Specific rod and reels are ideal for casting. Open-faced fishing reels are hardly recommended.

4. Bait holds key for fishing

You need to know what type of fish you are going to catch and what kind of bait attracts them. The wrong bait would make your fishing time-taking and boring.

5. Choose the location for fishing

You should have the idea about where these fishes congregate. Talking to the locals will help. Finding the right spot would help in getting more fish.

6. Look for ideal weather

Overcast climate is ideal for fishing trips. You can enjoy fishing trips in other conditions but overcast condition is best.

7. Dress code.

No matter what type of dress you wear but boots are must for fishing.

8. Keep food

As fishing trip is time-taking, you need to have food in the event you get hungry.

9. Beware of mosquitoes

As you are closure to sea water, you are vulnerable to mosquito bite. So you should keepbug spray and try to be free from itch.

10. It is better to be alone

If you are with family members and small children, your attention would go to them and will lose the focus and enjoyment of fishing.